Conversion of max files to jpg file format

Converting PaperPort scanned documents

Most users probably look for a way to convert their scanned .max files created either with old Scansoft PaperPort or later Nuance PaperPort, especially if they do not own the original program.

The easiest way would be probably to download the trial version of Nuance PaperPort and export your files there to PDF which you can later convert to pictures.

Alternatively you can Google a bit for the old Scansoft PaperPort Viewer, which supposedly can save .max files as .jpg files. The program is a little outdated though.

Without PaperPort or the old viewer it is probably not possible to convert these .max files to anything else.

Export 3ds Max files as JPEG files

Another possible conversion is exporting 3D files from 3D Studio Max (also.max) as JPEG images. Probably a static renders of scenes or individual models. Sometimes you need to use some exchange format, especially if you do not own 3ds Max. Other modelling programs typically have their own formats and sometimes do not support all commercial formats.

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