Convert IS2 to JPG

Possible ways for exporting IRT Cronista images to JPEG format.

How to convert is2 to jpg file

IS2 format represents the default infrared thermographic image format used in IRT Cronista and actually only in this software. The difference between IS2 format and standard graphics formats (like JPEG) is that the .is2 files also include additional metadata for the thermal image, but otherwise are pictures that show the infrared thermographic image (heat signatures).

Users searching for is2 to jpg conversion are looking for a way to export these special images to common JPEG format.

What are the options for exporting of IS2 format?

IRT Cronista supports export for various purposes, export to standard graphics files (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or BMP) actually being one of the most basic functions of the software. 

As far as we know, no 3rd party software supports IS2 files, which means the only way for such export is to use the original software - Greyess IRT Cronista. It is a professional-grade tool used for analyzing and managing infrared thermographic images and is typically purchased as a commercial software product.

To our knowledge no IS2 converter exists as well, so IRT Cronista is really the only option how to convert is2 to jpg or similar export.

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IRT Cronista

Program used to manage and analyze thermographic data

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