Convert IS2 to JPEG

Is there a way to convert .is2 files to .jpeg format.

How to convert is2 to jpeg file

Converting Thermal Image Data Files directly to JPEG Images (.is2 to .jpeg conversion) should be possible using the software purchased along with the recording device that created your .is2 files. Try, for instance, SmartView by Fluke or IRT Cronista by GRAYESS.

There don't seem to be any third-party programs or graphics converters, which support the .is2 format, and thus capable of performing an .is2 to .jpeg conversion.

Suggested software - is2 to jpeg converters

Fluke SmartView

Analysis Reporting Software and Mobile App

IRT Cronista icon

IRT Cronista

Program used to manage and analyze thermographic data

Other .is2 file conversions