Convert PLN to DWG

Converting Archicad .pln files directly to AutoCAD .dwg format.

How to convert pln to dwg file

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PLN files are project files created by Archicad, a popular architectural design software developed by Graphisoft. These files contain detailed building or architecture project information, including models, drawings, and layouts. On the other hand, DWG files are associated with AutoCAD, a leading software application for computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting. The DWG format is widely used to store two- and three-dimensional design data and metadata. The conversion from PLN to DWG is crucial for architects, engineers, and designers who must share project data across different CAD software platforms.

Converting Archicad project files reliably and directly to AutoCAD Drawings is likely only possible using the original Archicad software, which supports saving projects to the dwg file format.

To our knowledge, no third-party utility can execute a simple direct .pln to .dwg conversion.

Best software solutions for PLN to DWG conversion

Convert PLN to DWG on Windows

For Windows users, the native application Archicad represents the most straightforward solution for converting PLN files to DWG. It allows users to export their project data directly into DWG format, ensuring that all geometric information, text, and metadata are accurately transferred.

Convert PLN to DWG on macOS

Similarly, macOS users will find Archicad software. Given its cross-platform compatibility, Archicad on macOS offers the same robust set of features for converting PLN files to DWG, making it a top choice for professionals using Apple computers.

Convert PLN to DWG on Linux

Linux users may not have direct access to ArchiCAD, but they can use LibreCAD, an open-source CAD application that supports DWG files. While it doesn't natively open PLN files, users can first convert PLN files to a more universally recognized format like DXF, then import and work with them in LibreCAD.

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