Convert XLSX to JPEG

Converting .xlsx files to .jpeg format.

How to convert xlsx to jpeg file

If you seek to design tutorials or white papers, create presentations, or simply send spreadsheet data in an email, you will most likely want to convert your .xlsx file to a .jpeg format.

Using the common "Save As" window, you can simply save your .xlsx file to a variety of formats, including PDF. JPEG is, however, not on the list. Fortunately, there are several different ways to convert an .xlsx file to .jpeg format; on a desktop device, and online.

  1. Use the Print Screen function to convert the on-screen content of a sheet to an image file.
  2. Use the Snipping Tool to execute a quick xlsx-to-jpeg conversion.
  3. Use the Copy and Paste function to save an Excel file as a JPEG.
  4. Use the Camera tool to capture an image of a .xlsx file (creating a live image of your worksheet's data).
  5. Try one of the free online conversion tools, such as Convertio, Zamzar and more.

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