Convert JPE to JPEG

How can I best convert .jpe images to .jpeg format?

How to convert jpe to jpeg file

You can certainly convert JPE images directly to JPEG images (.jpe to .jpeg conversion), it would, however be quite pointless, since both file types are essentially JPEG Images using different suffixes.

If really needed, simply rename your file's JPE suffix to JPEG.

Regardless of that, you can obviously use numerous available graphics editing programs or (online) conversion tools capable of converting JPE to JPEG.

Adobe Photoshop icon

Adobe Photoshop

A bitmap graphics editing program

Paint 3D icon

Paint 3D

Raster graphics and 3D computer graphics application, which is a refresh of Microsoft Paint.

PhotoFiltre Studio icon

PhotoFiltre Studio

A complete image retouching program

XnView MP icon

XnView MP

A popular utility for viewing and converting graphic files

Additional formats for
jpe file conversion