Convert TMP to PNG

Is it possible to convert temporary .tmp files to PNG images?

How to convert tmp to png file

Converting a tmp file to a PNG image format can be tricky because .tmp files are generally temporary files that might not directly correspond to image data. Software applications often use them to store data temporarily and can contain anything from backup information to cache data.

Determine temporary file data and convert it to PNG.

  1. First, determine if your .tmp file actually contains image data. You can try opening the tmp file with an image viewer (like XnView, IrfanView, or GIMP) to see if it displays as an image.
  2. If the temporary file contains image data, you can open it using an image converter or editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Photo and then save it as a PNG.
  3. Alternatively, use a file converter tool like FileZigZag or Zamzar. These online services can convert files if they recognize the format inside the tmp file.

Rename the file extension.

Another method to try is simply renaming the file extension to .png and then opening it with an image viewer to see if it displays correctly. This method only works if the TMP file directly contains PNG data.

Why might TMP to PNG file conversion not be possible?

If the TMP file does not contain image data or is in a format not recognized by image processing software, conversion to PNG will not be possible. TMP files are not standard image files; their content can vary widely.


In summary, the feasibility of converting a TMP file to PNG depends on its content; if it contains image data, conversion is straightforward with any image editing tools.

Additional formats for
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