Convert DAE to OBJ

Is there a simple way to convert .dae files to .obj format.

How to convert dae to obj file

You can use basically any currently available 3D modeling software to convert .dae to .obj format (3D Digital Asset Exchange File to a Wavefront 3D Object File). Certain CAD/3D modeling conversion utilities are capable of such a conversions, too.

Most commonly, a .dae to .obj conversion is attempted in order to create a generic .obj version of your Collada format (.dae).

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Afanche 3D Viewer icon

Afanche 3D Viewer

A popular 3D visualisation software

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A very popular free program used for work with 3D graphics

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Daz 3D Studio

A graphics design tool for making 3D landscaping and animations

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Daz 3D Studio for Mac

3D modeling and animation package for Mac

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DAZ Studio

A 3D animation software

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FBX Converter

An FBX converter utility from Autodesk

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An open source multiplatform 3D CAD/MCAD/CAx/CAE/PLM modeler

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An open source system for 3D triangular meshes

modo icon


A 3D modeling tool

Online CAD converter icon

Online CAD converter

A commercial online CAD converter

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A 3D CAD translation software

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SketchUp for Mac

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Sweet Home 3D

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