Conversion of skp files to obj file format

The PRO version of SketchUp offers users export options to several 3D/CAD formats - including the common 3D Object format (.obj.), which is what skp to obj conversion represents. You can achieve this with the File ► Export ► 3D model function found in SketchUp. Nowadays, many 3D modeling tools and dedicated 3D converters support SketchUp formats as well, so perhaps this conversion is also doable with SketchUp.

When you convert skp to obj using SketchUp, you have to define several settings, including settings for edges, textures, faces or units. Certain limitations for this conversion exist, so before you export skp to obj, it might ay be worthwhile to check SketchUp Help Center and read about the limitation of exporting skp to obj  in first place.

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