Convert KMZ to OBJ

How to export or convert KMZ files as 3D objects. Available kmz to obj converters.

How to convert kmz to obj file

Although somewhat uncommon, certain 3D objects can sometimes be saved in KMZ format (Compressed Keyhole Markup Language). That makes it difficult to launch it in some 3D modeling programs. Users might look for conversions to different formats, in this case 3D objects. Such a kmz to obj conversion can be done, for instance, using programs, such as Blender.

Associated software - kmz to obj converters

AccuTrans 3D

A CAD 3D geometry translation software

Blender icon


A very popular free program used for work with 3D graphics

Pepakura Designer icon

Pepakura Designer

A program used to create paper crafts from 3D data

SketchUp for Mac icon

SketchUp for Mac

3D modeling application for Mac