Convert INP to DOCX

Steps how to export InPage Urdu documents to Microsoft Word.

How to convert inp to docx file

What are the inp files, and where do they come from?

INP format has been used for years as the main document format in inPage Urdu, one of the most popular tools used for writing not only Urdu text but Arabic, Persian, Sindhi, Kashmiri Pushto, and Hazaragi as well.

Not every .inp file is the same, and only the latest versions feature Unicode Urdu, while older files are often very difficult to deal with when it comes to their export to other tools or simply for compatibility reasons. The main issue with old files was that InPage uses its own font sets that are not available in other software, so before the Unicode change, it was almost impossible to export the text properly.

INP files are also not backward compatible, meaning files created in the higher version of InPage cannot be opened in the lower version. But older InPage files will work in later versions of InPage without issues, meaning you can resave old documents to a Unicode-based format.

Urdu keyboard

If you do not have a hardware Urdu keyboard, it may be worthwhile to use the Pak Urdu installer to make it easier to work with Urdu content, especially when exporting to other formats or software solutions.

Options for exporting of InPage Word documents to Word

Unfortunately, that is not directly related to the formats used in Microsoft Word. Since version 3.7, it has supported export to RTF and HTML formats, and the ePUB format has been supported since version 4.0, released in 2024. To our knowledge, no inp to docx converter exists at the moment, nor is there any utility that can be used for this export.

Online Unicode Urdu Converter

The best approach to dealing with InPage to Microsoft Word conversion is to use the web-based InPage to Unicode Urdu Converter and use it as a parser to transform the original text to a Unicode format that can be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word and saved as a document (.docx file). This is especially useful for very old, non-Unicode .inp files and is most likely the only way to convert the files.

Still, you will require access to InPage to open .inp files in the first place since no other tool supports the INP format.

Export through another format

Another option mentioned on several sites revolves around using the RTF, HTML, or PDF format to facilitate the export. The newly supported EPUB format can be useful for this as well because you can find many tools that can be used to export epub to docx. Of course, you will need an Urdu language pack and fonts installed in your system.

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