Convert JPG to SCR

Making screensavers from JPEG pictures. Possible jpg to scr conversion solutions.

How to convert jpg to scr file

Dozens of different .scr file types exists, which makes it a bit difficult to give precise answer about the nature and possible options how to achieve jpg to scr conversion. But most users are probably searching for a way how to use JPEG images for making Windows screen saver.

You can find many utilities and solutions for this, but Axialis Screensaver Producer is most likely the most popular tool how to achieve this.

How to make Windows screensavers using Screensaver Producer

  1. Install and Launch Axialis Screensaver Producer:

    • Download and install Axialis Screensaver Producer if you haven't already. Launch the software.
  2. Create a New Project:

    • Start a new project by selecting File ► New Project from the menu.
  3. Import Your Media:

    • Add any media elements you want to use in your screensaver, in our case JPEG pictures, but you can import animations, videos, and sound files as well.
      • Click on the Add Media File button.
      • Browse for and select the .jpg files you want to include.
      • Arrange and organize your media elements within the software.
  4. Customize Screensaver Settings:

    • Configure various screensaver settings, including:
      • Screensaver name and description.
      • Display options (e.g., screen resolution, color depth).
      • Transition effects between images or animations.
      • Sound settings (if you're using audio).
      • User interaction options (e.g., password protection).
      • Time settings (e.g., screensaver duration).
  5. Preview Your Screensaver:

    • Use the built-in preview function to see how your screensaver will look and behave. Make adjustments as needed.
  6. Compile Your Screensaver:

    • Once you're satisfied with your screensaver, select File ► Compile Project to create the screensaver file and Axialis Screensaver Producer will generate the SCR file based on your project settings.

Are there any other ways how to convert into other scr file types?

Another variant of jpg to scr conversion covers the export of JPEG pictures to Sun Raster Format. Typically featuring RAS extension, sometimes it's listed as SCR file. Your best option in this case is to use any graphics editor that supports Sun Raster formats and simply resave your graphics.

Additional formats for
jpg file conversion

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