Conversion of jpg files to cdr file format

If you are looking for a way to export or convert raster graphic to CorelDraw vector graphics (.cdr files) you can find a special function in Corel Draw called Corel Power Trace in older versions and as integrated base function in latest version of CorelDraw. This specialized tool can be used to convert any common raster graphics (including .jpg files) and save them in CDR format. It is accessible through the Raster ► Convert to Raster menu option after you have selected the object (in this case imported .jpg image). In previous versions of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite it was a standalone application called Corel Power Trace, but in newer versions it was integrated into CorelDRAW program as a function.

Unfortunately CorelDRAW is available only for Windows, so bad luck for Mac users. The only workaround would be to install some virtualization software on your Mac (Parallels Desktop comes to mind) and run CorelDraw within a Windows virtual machine, which might not be the cheapest solution.

Some websites might advertise option to convert jpg to cdr online, but considering CDR is a proprietary format, it isn't likely that some flawless jpg to cdr converter exits and if it works, it might very well be only for some older versions of CDR format. It is more likely it's some automated way to use CorelDraw functions, so always be mindful about what pictures or documents you are uploading to such sites.


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