Convert BTW to PDF

Can I somehow convert .btw files to .pdf format.

How to convert btw to pdf file

The BTW file format is associated with BarTender, software for designing and printing labels, barcodes, and RFID tags. To convert a BTW file to a PDF, you'll need to use BarTender or a similar program to open BTW files and export or print them as PDFs.

Convert .btw to .pdf on a Windows PC

  1. BarTender: Open your BTW file in BarTender. Choose the File menu, select Print, and choose Print to PDF as your printer. This will save your design as a PDF file.
  2. Adobe Acrobat: If you have a virtual PDF printer like Adobe Acrobat installed, you can open the BTW file in BarTender; select Print, and choose Adobe Acrobat as your printer to save the file as a PDF.

Convert .btw to .pdf on Mac

BarTender is not natively available for Mac. You can use a Windows emulator or a virtual machine (like Parallels Desktop) to run BarTender on a Mac. Then, follow the Windows instructions above.

iOS and Android

There's no direct way to convert BTW files to PDF on iOS and Android devices. You must transfer the BTW file to a Windows PC and use BarTender there.


BarTender isn't natively available on Linux. You can use a Windows compatibility layer like Wine to run BarTender on Linux. After that, follow the previous Windows PC instructions for .btw to .pdf conversion.

All these methods use BarTender or a similar program that opens BTW files. There is limited support for the .btw format, and it is highly unlikely that any third-party program will be capable of converting .btw to .pdf directly.

Additional formats for
btw file conversion

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