Convert PKPASS to PDF

How to print Apple Wallet to PDF. PKPASS to PDF conversion options.

How to convert pkpass to pdf file

Most users looking for pkpass to pdf conversion usually want a printable version of their Apple Wallet / Passbook tickets (.pkpass files). Unfortunately, no such program for printing pkpass to PDF exists, and some most likely go for some online passbook converter.

You can open your .pkpass files in the default app on your iPhone (Apple Wallet). However, services based on Apple Wallet / Passbook usually provide users with PDF files in confirmation e-mails and the possibility to print additional PDF tickets from the user's account. There is no official alternative for this on other platforms or devices, so you must look for 3rd party solutions.

Last, a .pkpass file is just a renamed ZIP file you can decompress in Windows (rename the .pkpass file suffix to the .zip file extension, which Windows recognizes). If you do that, you can usually find a .png image with the ticket inside, and you can print that to PDF easily. Typically, there is a background image, logo, and possibly other images. There is also a file with the name pass.json. This file contains details about the passbook entry, such as its organization name, passbook description, and other information fields. You can view this file in any text editor.

Please remember, if the .pkpass contains sensitive information, always ensure you're handling the data securely and not sharing or storing it in unsecured locations. Please don't trust any online service or website with a one-click conversion from pkpass to pdf; it is probably a scam, and you never know to whom you upload your sensitive data.

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