Convert PDF to BTW

How to recover BarTender barcodes from PDF files. Using PDF content in BTW label templates.

How to convert pdf to btw file

BarTender is software application used for designing and printing labels, barcodes, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tags, and more and it saves the content as BTW files. These are primarily utilized for creating and saving label templates in BarTender. These templates can include text, images, barcodes, RFID tags, and other elements used in label printing, this allows users to consistently produce labels with the same design but varying data.

In most cases, users searching for pdf to btw conversion are looking one of two possible things.

How to use PDF content for making labels?

BarTender supports import of various content, including graphics (typically bitmap pictures, but also EPS vectors), as well as various structured data formats (CSV, XML, Excel etc.). It does also allow import of PDF files directly.

In case of graphics or PDF documents, you can simply import these either as background pictures or as objects in specific areas of the barcode template. This is done via the Insert function found in the software.

BarTender itself does not act as PDF editor. If you need specific elements from the PDF (such as images or logos), you will have to extract these elements using a separate PDF or image editing tool, then import them into BarTender.

How to recover previously exported BTW files from PDF files?

The latest versions of BarTender allow users to import back previously exported content back to the software, which makes it easy to convert pdf to btw this way. But this works mostly for simple labels and it won't be possible to recreate complex templates from PDF files automatically and the process has to be done manually, especially in regard to any dynamic elements and data connections (like database links) in the original BTW template.

Of course this does not work for every PDF document, in which case you have to follow the previous point and re-use the PDF document for making new template label.

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