Convert FH11 to PDF

How to export old Freehand drawings to PDF format. Possible fh11 to pdf conversion solutions.

How to convert fh11 to pdf file

It appears old Adobe Freehand drawings (.fh11 files for example) were notoriously difficult to properly export to PDF and some elements may have not been saved completely and it is why many users were looking for a way how to achieve fh11 to pdf conversion in the past. Nowadays the situation is mosty about the lack of software options that can still work with old FreeHand graphics files, such as FH11.

Which software does still support Freehand files?

Unfortunately, your options for opening Freehand files will be always limited, here are some software picks that might work.

  1. First and foremost Adobe Illustrator, which is the successor to FreeHand. Unfortunately, the compatibility is not guaranteed, especially with newer versions of Illustrator.
  2. Some versions of CorelDRAW can import FreeHand files, but success may vary depending on the file version and CorelDRAW version.
  3. ACD Systems Canvas X might offer support for opening and converting certain versions of FreeHand files. 

So what are the options for FH11 to PDF?

Some users circumvent this situation successfully by exporting to EPS format (PostScript) instead, and then import this to some graphics editor like Fireworks or Photoshop and export that to PDF. Still you will require access to software that still support Freehand formats. There is unfortunately not simple solution to this, Illustrator or CorelDRAW are most likely your best options.

A viable alternative would be to find someone that still owns FreeHand or installation disks for it and use virtual machine to install that sofrware to your computer for this export.

Some websites still offer downloads of trial versions of older Adobe products, so you might have luck with that as well. Just trial versions are often limited in their functionality.

Wait, this topic is not about freehand graphics function?

No it is not, it's about export of old graphics files from Adobe FreeHand to PDF format and not about the freehand functions many graphics editors offer. Freehand graphics tools are designed for artists, designers, and anyone needing to draw or sketch digitally with a natural, hand-drawn feel. Many tools support this functionality, for example Photoshop, but nowadays this topic is more about tablets and mobile apps.

Additional formats for
fh11 file conversion

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