Convert PMD to PDF

Is it possible to directly convert .pmd files to .pdf format.

How to convert pmd to pdf file

There are two file types using the .pmd suffix that could be considered suitable for .pmd to .pdf conversions.

Converting PageMaker Documents to Adobe Portable Document Format (.pmd to .pdf conversion) will be very challenging, since Adobe discontinued PageMaker back in 2004. The overall support for this file type is extremely limited, and so are your options to successfully execute this conversion. Your only option would be to find a copy of PageMaker, and install a virtual PDF printer on your device (in case you haven't done that yet). This will allow you to export your .pmd files as .pdf.

Converting PlanMaker Spreadsheets to Adobe Portable Document Format (.pmd to .pdf conversion) is, on the contrary, quite straightforward; given you have access to the PlanMaker tool. It allows users to export its spreadsheets as .pdf documents.

Additional formats for
pmd file conversion

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