Convert PMD to DOC

PageMaker to Microsoft Word conversion. How to export PMD files to DOC files.

How to convert pmd to doc file

Old Adobe PageMaker does not support saving Microsoft Word formats, which makes any pmd to doc conversion somewhat troublesome. Without access to the original PageMaker, it will be pretty complicated to convert pmd to doc, and it is unlikely that you will find any pmd to word converter online or any kind of pagemaker to word converter.

However, PageMaker can export its own PMD format to RTF (Rich Text Format), which should be enough to transfer the document. The resulting .rtf file can be imported to Microsoft Word or a similar word processor and saved in DOC format (or any other actually). Only the text will be converted, though; special effects from PageMaker might not.

Some alternatives present themselves through export to XPS or PDF, which could then be opened in Word. However, you would still require PageMaker for the export. You can also try the recovery function from Microsoft Word or a similar word processor, but the success is not guaranteed, and should it work, you might lose formatting and have to edit the text, but you can possibly recover most if not all of the text from the main body of the .pmd document.

Additional formats for
pmd file conversion

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