Convert VEP to MPEG

How can I convert a .vep file (AVS Video Editor Project File) to .mpeg format.

How to convert vep to mpeg file

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Files with the extension .vep are generated as a video editing project in AVS Video Editor. Using this editor you can export to numerous multimedia formats, such as for instance an .mpeg video. This will only work if you have the original multimedia data loaded with the projects.

The .vep project files do not store any multimedia content, only attributes, such as settings and changes done.

The most logical solution would be to convert your .vep files to .mpeg format by using the AVS Video Editor, and have the .vep project linked to your original video data.

Alternatively, you could try the online conversion tool ConvertHelper that offers a 'VEP file converter' function with numerous multimedia output formats.

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