Convert XLSX to PRN

How to convert xlsx to prn. Available xlsx to prn converters.

How to convert xlsx to prn file

Earlier versions of MS Excel did indeed support old formats from Lotus 1-2-3, this is not the case for latest incarnations of Excel.  Which unfortunately means that recreating a Lotus .prn file using modern software can be problematic at best. Old .prn files are saved in space delimited text, so the alternative would be to look for some spreadsheet editor that support that format, and rename the extension afterwards. Or you could always use some exchange format, like CSV, that can be imported in all kinds of programs.

Note: A prn export is also possible using the 'print to file' function available in several Microsoft programs, including Excel. This will create a PostScript based .prn file and de facto perform xlsx to prn conversion.

Additional formats for
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