Convert ISO to PKG

Is it possible to convert .iso files to .pkg format.

How to convert iso to pkg file

Converting Disk Image Files directly to .pkg format (several file types exist using .pkg suffix), most likely, relates to users attempting to carry out exports between two disk formats. That would be the only type of .iso to .pkg conversion making sense.

Some online sources mention the following option when trying to convert a Disk Image File (.iso) to a PlayStation Store Downloaded Package (.pkg):

  1. Extract the .pkg file using the PKG Viewer.
  2. Convert it to folder format using the PSN Liberator.
  3. Convert it to .iso using PS3 ISO Tools.

Other than that, we are not aware of neither a possible .iso to .pkg conversion, nor a conversion tool capable of such a conversion.

The database currently does not contain any iso software converter.