Convert EXE to PKG

What program can be used to directly convert .exe files to .pkg format?

How to convert exe to pkg file

Suppose you are searching for conversions of Windows .exe applications probably to MacOS. It is not a straightforward process, and it usually isn't possible to convert an exe file directly to a pkg file. This is mainly because .exe and .pkg are fundamentally different types of files built for different operating systems. PKG files are package files for macOS and other Unix-based operating systems, while EXE files are executables for Windows.

The following are the main reasons why direct conversion is problematic:

  1. There are different software development tools, functions, APIs, and system calls between Windows and macOS or Unix. A lot of modification is usually required to make software written for one platform work on the other.
  2. .exe and .pkg files contain machine code specific to their respective operating systems. It is not possible to change the type of machine code by simply changing the file extension.

For this reason, no program can directly convert .exe files to .pkg format.

Porting the application to macOS is the best way to create a .pkg file from the source code. The code must be rewritten or adapted to work on macOS, and then a .pkg file must be created to distribute the macOS version.

Another method available to run native Windows .exe applications on a macOS is using a virtual machine with Windows installed, e.g., by using the Parallels desktop virtualization app. You can also try to find the same application created for Windows if a native version of the same software exists for other platforms.

Simply put, it is impossible to convert EXE to PKG directly.
Thus, there is no so-called exe to pkg converter or a free online .exe to .pkg converter.

Additional formats for
exe file conversion

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