Convert M3U to TXT

Is there a direct way to convert .m3u files to .txt format.

How to convert m3u to txt file

Converting M3U Media Playlists to Plain Text Files (.m3u to .txt conversion) should be quite straightforward, since the .m3u format is essentially a text file. That means you can import/edit it using most currently available text editors. 

You basically only need to rename the text file's extension from .m3u to .txt, and your conversion is completed.

BBEdit icon


A professional HTML editor for Mac

NotePad++ icon


A popular free source code and text editor for Windows

Sublime Text icon

Sublime Text

A sophisticated source code editor for programmers

TextMate icon


A GUI text editor for Mac

UltraEdit icon


An HTML and PHP text editor

Vim icon


A multiplatform high configurable text editor

Additional formats for
m3u file conversion

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