Convert LNK to EXE

Is there a direct way to convert .lnk files to .exe format.

How to convert lnk to exe file

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Converting Windows Shortcut files directly to Windows Executable Files (.lnk to .exe conversion) is not possible, at least to our knowledge. LNK files are shortcut files only. They only point to the actual executable file (typically .exe), yet do not contain any executable data. 

You could, however, try locating the original file, which can be done by right-clicking (click above the file) the .lnk file and opening its properties. There you can check the original executable file's (.exe) location path.

Simply put, it is impossible to convert LNK to EXE directly.
Thus, there is no so-called lnk to exe converter or a free online .lnk to .exe converter.

Additional formats for
lnk file conversion

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