Convert LQM to PNG

How to convert lqm to png. Exporting LG notes. Possible lqm to png converters.

How to convert lqm to png file

Unfortunately, exporting Notes from LG phones (.lqm) as pictures (.png for example) is notoriously problematic. It is unlikely that you will find a tool that would give you the option to directly convert lqm to png, simply because .lqm files store formatted text and not picture data.

Thus, trying to achieve lqm to png conversion seems to be a strange thing to do, yet it is not entirely impossible. The easiest way to achieve this would be to email yourself the memo, copy and paste the text to some text editor and capture that screen with PrtScn or some screen recording program.

However, sometimes a picture is attached to the note. If that's the case, just rename lqm to zip and extract the archive. If any picture was attached to the memo, you will find it within the extracted folders (images subfolder).

The database currently does not contain any lqm software converter.