Convert SPB to VCARD

Converting .spb files directly to vCard format.

How to convert spb to vcard file

Converting Samsung Kies Phonebook Files to vCard Files (.spb to .vcf conversion) relates, most likely, to users attempting to export their contacts lists from an .spb file to a separate .vcf file.

This is something you can do using Samsung Kies, as it comes with a default .vcf/.csv export function. In the app's newer version, that function was removed. Should your Samsung Kies version not allow you to make an .spb to .vcf conversion, try finding an older version, such as Kies 2.x. Older versions are, however, not easy to find, since Samsung does not offer them any longer. 

You will, most likely, not find any third-party software or converter capable of directly convert .spb to .vcf, which means that Samsung Kies remains your only option.

Suggested software - spb to vcard converters

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