Convert IND to PUB

Conversion of Adobe InDesign .ind documents to Microsoft Publisher .pub files.

How to convert ind to pub file

Converting Adobe InDesign documents to Microsoft Publisher format [.ind to .pdf] can be challenging due to the lack of a direct conversion route. However, the commonly used method is to export the InDesign file to PDF. This preserves the layout and design elements.
The next step involves converting the PDF into a Word document [.docx], which can be done using various online converters or Adobe Acrobat.
The final step is to import the Word document into Microsoft Publisher. While this method may work for simple documents, complex layouts may not transfer perfectly and could require additional manual adjustments in Publisher to maintain the integrity of the original design. It's always recommended to keep the original InDesign file as a backup when attempting such conversions.

The database currently does not contain any ind file converter.

Additional formats for
ind file conversion

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