Convert CRYPT14 to CRYPT12

How to convert crypt14 to crypt12. Recovery of Whatspp messages. Possible crypt14 to crypt12 converters.

How to convert crypt14 to crypt12 file

crypt14 and crypt12 files are 256AES encrypted chat backups from different versions of WhatsApp and unfortunately there is no way how to convert crypt14 to crypt12 or vice versa. Utilities that could previously be used for crypt12 conversions no longer work since version crypt14 has been introduced in May 2021. The only thing you can do is to recover your .crypt14 on your device, but this requires you to have both the file and encryption key and follow the instructions on WhatsApp FAQ website.

The database currently does not contain any crypt14 file converter.

Additional formats for
crypt14 file conversion

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