Convert SRT to TXT

Is it possible to convert .srt files directly to .txt format.

How to convert srt to txt file

Converting SubRip Subtitle Files directly to Plain Text Files (.srt to .txt conversion) is super fast and straightforward, in most cases. 

All you have to do is to rename your .srt file, and change the suffix to .txt, since almost all subtitle formats are basically specially formatted text files readable by any text editor. There is no need for a special .srt to .txt conversion.

Should you be manually editing and saving your subtitle files, please pay attention to their text encoding. Text can, sometimes, be encoded in different character sets, such as, for instance, UTF-8 (a standard, universally used for electronic communication), or ASCII (the American Standard Code), and several other sets each for different regions/countries/languages.

Additional formats for
srt file conversion

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