Convert PNG to EMB

Making embroidery designs from PNG sources. Possible EMB embroidery digitizing options.

How to convert png to emb file

EMB format is actually featured in several embroidery design software, but it is often not the same format. Wilcom software (Wilcom EmbroideryStudio, Wilcom DecoStudio, Wilcom Hatch Embroidery Software) is probably best known for it's .emb files, but unique variants are also used in Orchida or Elna Xquisite software.

The preferred source material for embroidery designs are vector graphics files (SVG), but it is certainly not impossible to great designs based in raster pictures (PNG or JPEG) and that is what users searching for png to emb conversion typically need.

How to create EMB embroidery designs from PNG pictures

You will need specialized software to produce embroidery design files from raster sources, it's not something you can do with a standard graphics editor. Although bitmap sources, such as PNG files, are not the best because embroidery designs are vector-based, it is still possible to effectively convert png to emb format with suitable tool.

It is necessary to use embroidery tool with a digitizing function that is, a tool that can be used to convert raster graphics into vectors and add machine-specific parameters such as satin columns, stitch types, stitch densities, underlay stitches, pull compensation, and many more. Although it goes by several names, this function essentially does the same thing.

For example in Wilcom software it is labeled as digitizing with two variants, tradional and graphics digitizing. The first method divides into three main categories – ‘free shapes’, ‘column shapes’, and ‘outlines’, the second works similar to CorelDRAWs raster to vector function. This topic is covered heavily on Wilcoms help files and you read about digitzing options here

Additional formats for
png file conversion

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