Convert PDF to WAV

What are my options for converting .pdf documents to .wav audio format?

How to convert pdf to wav file

Converting Adobe Portable Documents directly to WAVE Audio Files (.pdf to .wav conversion) is only possible if such documents contain music sheets previously exported to PDF. In such case, use the PDFtoMusic tool, which will allow you to recover such music notation data and export it in WAV format.

In all other cases, you can try to convert written texts from inside PDF documents to speech audio files (WAV format). To be able to do that, you will need Adobe Acrobat, as well as one of many available audio recording tools. In Adobe Acrobat open your PDF document and select 'View -> Read Out Loud' function.

As an alternative, try one of numerous text-to-speech conversion utilities, which may, however, require copying the text to a plain text file first.

Additional formats for
pdf file conversion

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