Convert INDD to PDF

How to convert Adobe's InDesign .indd files to .pdf documents.

How to convert indd to pdf file

Converting an Adobe InDesign document file (.indd file extension) to PDF is a straightforward process, and there are several methods you can use depending on your preferences and whether or not you have Adobe InDesign software.

Convert INDD to PDF using Adobe InDesign

Your best bet is to use the Adobe Indesign software. If you receive an .indd file by email and haven't used the Adobe InDesign software before, you can register an account at Adobe's website and install a fully functional trial version for a short period. If you have InDesign installed, export the file into PDF or print it as PDF. After the end of the trial period, you must purchase a subscription to Creative Suite plan.

Convert InDesign documents to PDF using third-party tools or online services

Furthermore, InDesign's .indd files are proprietary and have many versions depending on Adobe's InDesign software version. That means it is doubtful that you can find reliable free third-party converters or conversion tools. Some online conversion services claim they support .indd to .pdf conversion, but you cannot control whom you send your data. For macOS users, a standalone IDMarkz application from Markzware is available for purchase or free download to convert .indd files to Acrobat PDF and many other file formats to open it in other DTP applications. A Windows version is also available. But in the free version, you probably can't directly convert .indd files to PDF, only view.

Additional formats for
indd file conversion

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