Convert AAE to JPG

It is possible to convert iPhone Photos with AAE file to JPG image?

How to convert aae to jpg file

Many iPhone users are looking for aae to jpg conversion because they are attempting to somehow recover photos (.jpg files) from .aae metadata files, which is impossible. .aae files are associated with the Apple Sidecar feature, which stores non-destructive edits made to photos (like applied filters, image cropping, and other adjustments) in the Photos app on iOS devices. The .aae file does not contain the picture itself, so there is nothing to recover. Each .aae file is generated for a specific .jpg file and includes changes to the photo. You have to look for the actual JPEG files; if you do not have them or have their backup, it is impossible to recover jpg pictures from aae files.

If you have an aae file, it should be accompanied by a .jpg (or another image format) file with the same name. The actual image is that .jpg file. 

Obtaining the edited version of the image

iOS (iPhone/iPad) with the Photos app

On your iPhone, open the Photos app. Find the photo associated with the .aae file. When all your desired edits have been applied, you can share or export the image. The edits will be used, and the edited version of the image will be displayed.

macOS computer with the Photos app

  1. Connect your iOS device to your Mac.
  2. Launch the Photos application on your Mac.
  3. You will need to import the edited versions of the desired photos.
  4. When imported, the edited version can be exported as a .jpg file or any other format you desire.

How to obtain the jpg image without an Apple device

You cannot apply the edits stored in the .aae file using non-Apple software if you do not have access to an Apple device. It is necessary to manually edit the original photo (without the .aae file) using any photo editing software you choose.


Simply put, it is impossible to convert AAE to JPG directly.
Thus, there is no so-called aae to jpg converter or a free online .aae to .jpg converter.

Additional formats for
aae file conversion

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