Convert WOTREPLAY to MP4

Steps for making MP4 videos from World of Tanks game replays.

How to convert wotreplay to mp4 file

What are the wotreplay files and why convert them to mp4?

World of Tanks, an online multiplayer game, allows users to save their match replays as .wotreplay files, which contain recordings of gameplay events, including player movements and actions during a match.

In World of Tanks, .wotreplay files contain game data that the game engine can replay; they differ from standard video files.

Wotreplay to MP4 conversion is typically used by users who wish to convert these files into video for upload to YouTube.

How are .wotreplay files recorded?

World of Tanks automatically creates and saves a replay of the match if this function is enabled in the client's settings.

You can find this option under the Settings General Enable Battle Recording tab, where you can choose from either 'none', 'last' or 'all'. The replays themselves (.wotreplay files) are located in the Replay folder of the game client's main folder, by default, \​World of Tanks\​Replays\.

The replay files are named based on the match date, map, and side, for example, 20111223_1429_germany-H39_captured_himmelsdorf.wotreplay, or something similar.

Are there any online sources for World of Tanks replays?

Several websites act as archives or repositories for WoT replays, including the official site.

How to create MP4 video from World of Tanks replay

Wargaming does not provide any simple tools for this purpose. The usual workaround consists of using screen recording tools, such as Fraps or Camtasia, but many users also use the free OBS. Of course, you can also use Nvidia GeForce Experience or Radeon ReLive for game recordings.

Setup your screen recording tool

First, you should set up the screen recording tool and familiarize yourself with its functionality. You can adjust settings such as key binding and output formats. Matches can last anywhere from five to twenty minutes, so you do not want to spend hours recording the same replay repeatedly.

Launch your game replay and record it

Start your screen recording tool and drag the .wotreplay file over the main Worldoftanks.exe executable. This will load the replay for playback and launch the WoT client.

Export your recording to MP4

If your screen recording tool allows it, you can crop the video and edit out any unwanted parts before you export the file finally to MP4 format. If not, you have to use some video editing software.

The resulting MP4 file from the World of Tanks replay can now be posted to YouTube or watched as a video using a regular multimedia player like VLC Media Player.

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