Convert TXT to SRT

Can I convert .txt files directly to .srt format.

How to convert txt to srt file

Converting Plain Text Files to SubRip Subtitle Files (.txt to .srt conversion) typically relates to users attempting to manually generate video subtitles from a plain text file. 

Generally speaking, you can upload/import .txt files to most available subtitle creator programs, and export those to one of the common file types, such as .srt.

There are numerous subtitle creator programs both for Windows and macOS users, just remember that you can do basic text edits and corrections (text encoding, typos etc.) with any text editor. There is often no need for a special subtitle creator tool.

Gaupol Subtitle Editor icon

Gaupol Subtitle Editor

A subtitle editor

Jubler Subtitle Editor icon

Jubler Subtitle Editor

A program for editing of text subtitles for videos

Subtitle Edit icon

Subtitle Edit

An open source video subtitle editor

Subtitle Editor icon

Subtitle Editor

A software for subtitle editing and preparation

Subtitle Workshop icon

Subtitle Workshop

A free subtitle editor

URUworks Subtitle Workshop icon

URUworks Subtitle Workshop

An older freeware subtilte editing application

Additional formats for
txt file conversion