Conversion of svg files to dxf file format

Many vector graphics software nowadays can help you export or convert svg to dxf, which is essentially the export of SVG graphics to 2D DXF CAD files. Such svg to dxf conversion is useful for converting shapes other vector graphics so they can be used in CAD or other similar programs.

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Related software

Adobe Illustrator icon

Adobe Illustrator

A powerful vector graphics editor from Adobe

Adobe Illustrator for Mac icon

Adobe Illustrator for Mac

Mac version of Adobe's vector graphics editor

Blender icon


A very popular free program used for work with 3D graphics

Cenon icon


A graphical tool for Apple Mac OS X

CorelDraw Graphics Suite icon

CorelDraw Graphics Suite

A set of applications used by professional graphic designers

EazyDraw icon


A vector drawing editor for OS X

Embroidermodder 2

Advanced version of the popular Embroidermodder


An open source multiplatform 3D CAD/MCAD/CAx/CAE/PLM modeler

Inkscape icon


A vector graphics editor

Microsoft Visio icon

Microsoft Visio

A vector based diagramming software from Microsoft