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Conversion of sbu files to spb file format

Some owners of Samsung smart phone often wonder how exactly to get their contacts from SBU backups to a SPB file, which is essentially the story of  sbu to spb conversion. SBU is a full backup of phone and also contains other data like pictures or music, and also the contacts. SPB is just a file for contacts.

As far as we know, there is no app available that allows users to directly convert sbu to spb, but some workaround existsThe most convenient way is to use a program like SBU Extractor to extract the contacts (usually .vcf), which can be then imported to Samsung Kies and saved as SPB.

Another way would be to start the process of backup restoration in Kies and canceling it just before it starts. This should result in a creation of a temporary folder with the contents of the SBU file in Kies directory. But that method can be tricky as it can fail and overwrite your files. So the first method with SBU Extractor is more advisable.

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