Conversion of psd files to cdr file format

As far as we know, psd to cdr conversion is often searched by users that would really love to work with their Photoshop graphics in CorelDraw and thus wonder how to convert Photoshop graphics to CorelDraw.

CorelDRAW supports graphics from Adobe Photoshop (.psd) and you can import it to the program as an object which you can then turn into vector graphics using the tracing feature. You can access these function under Raster ► Convert to Raster menu option after you have selected the object (imported PSD image). Unfortunately, we were not able to determin how or if CorelDraw manages the layers in .psd graphics.

Because the CDR format is rarely supported in 3rd party programs, there is probably no other software that can convert psd to cdr even though some universal converters may advertise it.

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