Convert LNK to PDF

Is it possible to directly convert .lnk files to .pdf format.

How to convert lnk to pdf file

Converting Windows Shortcut files directly to Adobe Portable Document Format (.lnk to .pdf conversion) most likely relates to users seeking ways how to recover/export documents linked to Windows Shortcuts, and save those as .pdf format.

Such a conversion is, however, not possible. Windows Shortcut files (.lnk) do not contain actual document data, they merely link to existing documents; in this case, a PDF document.

Try locating the original file, which can be done by right-clicking (click above the file) the .lnk file and opening its properties. There you can check the original document's location path.

In a word, direct lnk to pdf conversion is not possible.
So don't expect any so-called lnk to pdf converter or lnk to pdf free online conversion tool available.

The database currently does not contain any lnk software converter.

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