Convert INDD to AI

Exporting InDesign content to Illustrator. Adobe InDesign and Illustrator interoperability options.

How to convert indd to ai file

Both .indd and .ai files come from software from Adobe, so it is not surprising that some users are for various reasons searching for information about indd to ai conversionAdobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign are both part of the Adobe Creative Cloud and are designed to work seamlessly together. This interoperability is particularly useful for graphic design workflows.

Is it possible to export InDesign INDD files to AI format?

Unfortunately, InDesign is not designed for direct export to AI graphics, but it can export whole documents to PDF or EPS format that can be in turn imported to Illustrator or exported to other formats.

  1. InDesign's native INDD format isn't directly compatible with Illustrator, but you can export the relevant InDesign content as a PDF by going to File ► Export and selecting PDF as output format.

  2. Using Illustrator, you can open the PDF directly in Illustrator (File ► Open) or place it into an existing Illustrator document (File ► Place).

  3. Once the PDF content is imported to Illustrator, you can edit it. Just keep in mind that while Illustrator can open and edit .pdf files, some complex layout features from InDesign (like text threading and page-specific elements) might not be editable or may appear differently in Illustrator.

Simple elements (like basic shapes or text) can be copied from InDesign and pasted directly into Illustrator. This method works for transferring small portions of the design rather than the whole page or document.

Any other tools that can be used for indd to ai conversion?

InDesign files (.indd) are not supported in 3rd party apps, so it's almost impossible to export these files using any other software. AI graphics on the other hand is sometimes supported in other software, but often with limited support.


Additional formats for
indd file conversion

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