Convert DWG to VSD

Can I convert .dwg files to .vsd format.

How to convert dwg to vsd file

Converting AutoCAD Drawings directly to Microsoft Visio Drawings (.dwg to .vsd conversion) basically corresponds to users attempting to generate MS Visio drawings (.vsd), or diagrams, from vector graphics exported in AutoCAD format (.dwg).

CAD objects can be converted into Visio shapes on individual layers, and then modified/deleted. Converting drawings from AutoCAD's .dwg or .dxf formats essentially means, you are converting the last saved spatial view of your CAD drawing.

This can be done easily in MS Visio. Simply right-click on your CAD drawing pointing to the 'CAD Drawing Object'. Then just click on 'Convert'. Please remember that the last MS Visio versions no longer allow exports to .vsd format. You will, therefore, have to use some of the previous versions.

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Microsoft Visio

A vector based diagramming software from Microsoft

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