Convert DWG to CDR

Options for using DWG files in CorelDRAW. Viable dwg to cdr conversion options.

How to convert dwg to cdr file

Everything points to the dwg to cdr conversion being primarily searched by users interested in using DWG files (vectors, simply designs) as part of CorelDRAW's default CDR files. DWG format is vector based, ideal source material for CorelDRAW.

Various guides and tutorials about this subject can be found on Corel community websites, forums as well as in YouTube videos. So If you struggle with DWG import to CorelDraw, it might be worthwhile to check these out or reach out for support.

Steps to Import DWG Files into CorelDRAW

Latest versions of CorelDRAW should allow users to import AutoCAD drawing files (DWG format) just fine. It works pretty much the same as importing of other content.

  1. Start CorelDRAW and create a new document or open existing one

  2. Go to File ► Import and browse to the .dwg file you want to use.

  3. CorelDRAW will prompt you with a few import options specific to DWG format and you may need to adjust scaling or choose specific layers or layout settings

  4. After setting the import options, you can click on your document to place the DWG file. The same can also be done by click and drag to define the area where you want the DWG file to be placed.

  5. Once imported, you can use CorelDRAW's tools to edit or manipulate the imported elements, including resizing, coloring, or combining it with other graphical elements.

  6. Save your file in CDR format or export it.


Additional formats for
dwg file conversion

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