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Instructions for converting DWG files to SketchUP format. Available DWG to SKP conversion tools.

How to convert dwg to skp file

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How to import DWG files to Sketchup

SketchUp Pro allows users to import various CAD/3D modeling formats, including the standard DWG format AutoCAD simply via the File ► Import function. This function is not available in the free version of SketchUp - Web, supports only the default SKP for import. There are few things you can do once your .dwg file is imported.

  • After importing the DWG file, you will see the DWG contents in your SketchUp workspace. You can orbit, zoom, and pan to view the imported drawing.

  • The imported DWG may include separate layers, and you can control the visibility of these layers using the "Layers" panel.

  • You can make edits or modifications to the imported DWG drawing using SketchUp's drawing and editing tools.

  • To edit individual elements, use the "Select" tool (arrow) to select and manipulate entities.

  • When your project is complete and ready for sharing or further use, you can export it in various formats, including SKP, DWG, STL, and others, depending on your needs.

In most cases, you will not encounter any problems, nevertheless make sure that same units are used in the DWG file and SketchUp to avoid scaling issues.  Also be sure to explode all 2D polyline objects in the .dwg file, because arcs within a 2D Polyline will appear straight when imported into SketchUp unless you explode the 2D Polyline first, so the arc segments are extracted from the polyline.

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