Conversion of dwg files to dxf file format

dwg to dxf conversion, which is essentially exporting DWG files to DXF format is one of the most common and basic conversion in CAD industry. This can be done in almost any (if not any) programs that support AutoCAD DWG format.

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Related software

3ds Max (3D Studio Max) icon

3ds Max (3D Studio Max)

A widely-used 3D animation application from Autodesk

ACE 3000

A CAD and Gerber conversion software

Adobe Illustrator icon

Adobe Illustrator

A powerful vector graphics editor from Adobe

Adobe Illustrator for Mac icon

Adobe Illustrator for Mac

Mac version of Adobe's vector graphics editor

Alibre Design Professional

A set of 3D modeling tools

Any DWG DXF Converter

A simply batch converter for DWG and DFX formats


A 3D modelling software

AutoCAD icon


Leading 2D and 3D CAD development software from Autodesk

AutoCAD for Mac icon

AutoCAD for Mac

A Mac version of popular Autodesk AutoCAD software

AutoCAD WS for Android icon

AutoCAD WS for Android

A Free AutoCAD mobile app for Android

Autocad WS for iOS icon

Autocad WS for iOS

iOS version of WS

Autodesk Design Review

A free AutoCAD publishing solution

Autodesk Fusion 360

3D CAD/CAM tool for product development

Autodesk Inventor icon

Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor is modeling application used to create 3D digital prototypes


A CAD software

Canvas icon


A drawing software used to create technical illustrations and graphics

CARTOMAP CAD for Windows

A unified engineering project management platform

CorelDraw Graphics Suite icon

CorelDraw Graphics Suite

A set of applications used by professional graphic designers

Creo Parametric

Creo Parametric (formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER) is a complete 3D CAD software solution by PTC


A CAD converter with huge format support


A 2D graphic CAD program from IMSI

Drawing Express

A CAD software for Windows

DWG TrueView icon

DWG TrueView

A DWG and DXF viewer with DWG TrueConvert software included


A professional CAD program for Windows platform


One of the many CAD platforms

IronCAD icon


A 3D modelling application

LogiKal icon


A software for metalworking business


A dedicated 2D/3D CAD software

Microsoft Visio icon

Microsoft Visio

A vector based diagramming software from Microsoft


Old CAD and GIS software

pCon.planner icon


An application for the planning of spaces and furnishings

PCschematic ELautomation

An electrical CAD software for automation

PointLineCAD 2D

A German software that is used to crate technical illustrations


A 3D CAD translation software

PRO Landscape

A landscape graphics design software

Pro/Engineer (Creo Elements/Pro) icon

Pro/Engineer (Creo Elements/Pro)

Set of 3D CAD/CAM/CAE design tools from PTC

SketchUp icon


A 3D general-purpose modeling program

SketchUp for Mac icon

SketchUp for Mac

3D modeling application for Mac

Solid Edge icon

Solid Edge

A feature rich 3D CAD software by Siemens

SolidWorks icon


A 2D and 3D CAD construction software


A suite of CAD applications

ViaCAD Pro icon

ViaCAD Pro

A 2D, 3D modeling tool

Zoner Callisto

A free graphics editor