Convert CRYPT8 to TXT

Can I convert .crypt8 files to .txt format.

How to convert crypt8 to txt file

In order to work with the data inside some of the older versions of WhatsApp's CRYPT format (CRYPT7, CRYPT8, etc.), you will first need to utilize programs that convert these files to the original CRYPT format. To do that you will need to first convert CRYPT8 to CRYPT. The file can be found as msgstore.db.crypt8, but remember that only the CRYPT8 is the actual file extension.

Next, you can use certain programs and utilities, such as WhatsApp Extractor or WhatCrypt to export your chat backups from WhatsApp Messenger (.crypt files) and save them as an .html file. This file, when opened using a web browser, will look exactly like your WhatsApp (CRYPT to HTML conversion).

Many word processors, including Microsoft Word, accept HTML files nowadays. You can open/import them in these programs and save them as plain text format (.txt). They will most likely appear similar to WhatsApp, as HTML is heavily formatted. You might also try some of the HTML to TXT converters.

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