Convert CRYPT12 to CRYPT8

Is there a way to convert .crypt12 files to .crypt8 format.

How to convert crypt12 to crypt8 file

Using the WhatsApp Omni-Crypt utility, users are able to convert .crypt12 to .crypt format. Unfortunately, there is no way to convert your WhatsApp Encrypted Database File (.crypt12) to any previously used encryption, including .crypt8 format.


As soon as you have the original .crypt file, you can extract your messages using other utilities. Considering the current encryption is .crypt15, converting .crypt12 to .crypt8 is a very outdated request.

Simply put, it is impossible to convert CRYPT12 to CRYPT8 directly.
Thus, there is no so-called crypt12 to crypt8 converter or a free online .crypt12 to .crypt8 converter to be found.

Omni-Crypt (formerly Whatsapp Tri-Crypt) icon

Omni-Crypt (formerly Whatsapp Tri-Crypt)

Android app used to decrypt and convert .crypt WhatsApp message history files

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