Conversion of apk files to exe file format

There doesn't seem to exist any direct way how to achieve apk to exe conversion, i.e. convert Android APK archives to EXE executables, simply because both formats are meant for different platforms. APKs are the chocie format for Google Android platform and EXE files are associated with Windows. It is extremely unlikely that some "one-click" apk to exe converter or apk to exe emulator exist (although you can find dubious apps like apk2exe) and you should be extra wary of online converters that advertise this as such website might yield files infected with some malware or ransomware or are just some kind of scam.

If you are looking for way to convert apk to exe only because you want to run Android app on Windows, just download one of the Android emulators that runs on Windows (or Mac) and use (install) your APK archive in that.

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