Convert APK to IPA

How to convert Android app to iPhone app. Available apk to ipa converters.

How to convert apk to ipa file

Some users search for an apk to ipa converter, so they want to transfer and convert Android apps to iPhone/iPad apps using some apk to ipa converter. Unfortunately, this is impossible, and any websites advertising this are most likely fraudulent and scam sites.

An Android app developer should also offer a version for iOS; this is the only alternative.

APK (Android Package) files cannot easily be converted to IPA (iOS App Store Package) files. They are two completely different platforms. Here are some options you might consider:

Rewrite the Android App to Apple iOS app

Rewriting the app for iOS is the most robust and maintainable method. Even though this may be the most time-consuming method, it usually results in the best user experience as the app can be optimized for iOS. Depending on the way the original Android app was developed, you may be able to reuse your server-side logic, APIs, and even some front-end logic.

Frameworks for cross-platform development

For a new version of the app that can run on both Android and iOS, you can use a cross-platform mobile development framework such as React NativeXamarin, ionic, or Flutter. As a result of these frameworks, you can reuse a significant amount of your existing code while still obtaining a native application.

Tools for automating conversion

Some tools claim to convert Android apps to iOS apps automatically, but these solutions are generally not recommended. They often produce unmaintainable, buggy code and are limited in their capabilities.

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps)

There is also the option of creating a Progressive Web App (PWA), which can be accessed through a browser and "installed" on Android and iOS devices. This approach does not result in a native application, but it is the fastest way to make your application available across platforms without rewriting it from scratch.


There may be limitations on iOS that prevent some of the features available on the Android platform from being replicated to iOS and vice versa.

Simply put, it is impossible to convert APK to IPA directly.
Thus, there is no so-called apk to ipa converter or a free online .apk to .ipa converter to be found.

Suggested software - apk to ipa converters

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