Convert APK to IOS

How to convert Android APK app to Apple iOS app. Is there any Android to iOS converters?

How to convert apk to ios file

Converting an application designed for Google Android (.apk) directly to an Apple iOS application (.ipa) can't be accomplished by simply converting the file type with a one-click converter. The programming languages of Android and iOS apps are different (Java/Kotlin for Android and Swift/Objective-C for iOS), and both are different platforms for mobile devices. Thus, a direct file conversion is not possible.

If you have an Android app that you want to convert to iOS, you will have to develop it, especially for iOS. You will have to re-code the app or use cross-platform development tools for new development, making it easier to maintain a single codebase for Android and iOS.

  • React Native uses JavaScript and React to build your app.
  • With Flutter, you can develop your app using Google's UI toolkit. This allows you to create natively compiled applications using the Dart language from a single code base.
  • Xamarin uses C# and .NET framework for app development for multiple platforms. Xamarin is now integrated directly into the .NET platform with tools and libraries for building Android, iOS, tvOS, macOS, and Windows apps.

Some automated tools online claim to convert APKs to iOS format. These are typically limited in functionality, contain bugs, and are unsuitable for professional-quality, reliable apps.

For more information, go to the apk to ipa conversion page, as iOS is not a file type.

Simply put, it is impossible to convert APK to IOS directly.
Thus, there is no so-called apk to ios converter or a free online .apk to .ios converter.

Additional formats for
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